The School makes it a priority to create a family atmosphere where our boarding learners can feel safe and secured. On average we have a number of 200 boarders from Grade 7 – 12 at St Marks. We have learners who board from local, national and international backgrounds.

The school’s geographical location does not limit learners’ exploration of the beautiful tourist resorts in the country as they are taken out for educational tours, this challenges the learner’s problem-solving skills because they find themselves out of their comfort space with new challenges which requires a different approach because of their new environment.

All Learners who reside at our hostel have a Tutor allocated to them to take the responsibility for tracking their academic progress. In the case of junior boarders this role is taken by the House parents, who are in regular contact with all their teachers. Thus, they get to hear either via direct contact or email how things are going in the classroom.